Green-Jack is a dynamic company with a strong commitment to flying drones safely.

Green-Jack specializes in photogrammetry, precision agriculture, aerial photography and inspection. As a VCA supervisor and certified computer scientist, Denis Verbiest, a Class 1 drone pilot, will always seek to offer you the best and safest possible solution. Together with his team consisting of professional photographer Leen Wouters and expertly trained ‘watchers’, Denis Verbiest delivers the best service drone pilots can offer: speed, safety, precision and accurate imaging.



A sharp picture of the current condition of structures, buildings, masts, etc.
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Agriculture, horticulture and forestry

Manage your fields and forests more efficiently by keeping a close eye on everything that grows and blooms.
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Map the world in an instant!
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Photography and film capture

Aerial photography: a simple and original way to show your business installations!
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